Let There Be Flight Tuesday, April 30, 2013   Flights returned to normal this week after public anger hit such a fervor that Congress overwhelmingly approved legislation Friday to allow the FAA to withdraw the furloughs. “Furloughs ended swiftly within one week,” said Paul Hudson, President of FlyersRights. “Congress contemplated facing angry constituents while being delayed and stranded in… Read More

Better Late? Or Never? As Furloughs Kick In, Delays Hit Major Airports Tuesday, April 23, 2013   The FAA furloughs kicked in Sunday despite a lawsuit filed by two airline trade associations and the Airline Pilots Association, and it’s already causing frustration for travelers. Federal officials say they have no choice but to furlough all 47,000 FAA… Read More

DEADLINE RE. 3 HOUR RULE   Thursday, April 25, 2013 Urgent: Deadline re. airlines 3 hour rule suspension request by the airlines has an incredibly short public comment period that closes tomorrow at 5 pm.  Comment now! I will be drafting comments for FlyersRights.org today and submitting them tomorrow but I encourage all air travelers and organizations to submit their individual opposition to this ridiculous… Read More

If You’ve Flown One,  You’ve Flown Them All Little Difference Between Legacy and Low-Cost Carriers     Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Delta or AirTran? Southwest or American? Anybody in New York versus JetBlue? What is it that separates the legacy network from the low-fare carriers? The airline terms “legacy carrier” and “low cost carrier” could… Read More

If The Seat Fits… Squeeze Into It!  Airline Complaints Shot up 20 % Last Year as Planes Got Even More Cramped United ‘had the worst service’ April 10, 2013 DIGITAL VISION./GETTY IMAGES Airline complaints surged 20% last year as airline passengers complained about being squeezed into smaller seats and flights that are becoming even more packed,… Read More

Your Rights, Left Behind Tuesday, April 2, 2013 If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. As the number of air travelers grows, so does the chance you may find yourself left behind.   The percentage of seats filled rose to 82.8% last year, the highest for scheduled air service since 1945.  Now, a delayed… Read More