JetBlues                                     Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Times, they are a-changin. The days of free checked bags may be over.   Reuters JetBlue is considering charging for first checked bags next year, leaving Southwest as possibly the only U.S. airline not… Read More

SPIRITLESS Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Spirit Airlines – named after that which it crushes out of its customers? A new report has determined which U.S. airlines have the most customer complaints, and the airline at the top of the list is Spirit Airlines. A small airline with big fees. “The Unfriendly Skies,” a recent report by the… Read More

AirLyin’   Tues., April 15, 2014 <d iv style=”display: inline !important;”>   The airlines are at it yet again. Those deceptive and infuriating ads that were banned years ago are sneaking back. No, you cannot really fly on Spirit Airlines for $9. > Making its way thorough the U.S. House, without public submissions or any… Read More

Flying on the Cheap You Pay, Airlines Don’t   Tuesday, April 1, 2014                   The past few weeks we’ve been reporting on how airlines cut corners to save a buck and asking is it worth it?   Unknown to the passengers, Malaysian Airlines did not use mo dern tracking technology to… Read More