Spin The Throttle The Spin Is On   March 22, 2017 Big cuts could be coming to the US transportation system. President Trump’s plan moves oversight of the air traffic control from the federal government to an independent group, according to budget documents released last Thursday. Trump, who has long complained about America’s “third-world airports” and “obsolete” air… Read More

Website     News      Legislation     Help! I’m Stranded      Media     Contact Speedy Recovery March 15, 2017 Tuesday’s Northeast blizzard paralyzed US air travel and forced cancellation of 8,000 flights since Sunday according to the  flight tracking website FlightAware. Nearly all flights at New York City’s three airports were canceled on Tuesday, with similar issues at Boston and Baltimore. Most… Read More

Website     News      Legislation     Help! I’m Stranded      Media     Contact Oscar the Grouch March 8, 2017 United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Aviation Summit, March 2, 2017 with Carol Hallett, counselor to the U.S. Chamber and former president and CEO of the Air Transport Association of America – now… Read More

 Bad Judgement US SUPREME COURT HANDS DOWN ANTI-AIRLINE CONSUMER PROTECTION RULING February 22, 2017 The intent and purpose of the Montreal Convention was to clarify, harmonize, and achieve uniformity of rules governing claims arising from international air transportation. It was to create an orderly development of international air transport operations and the smooth flow of… Read More

Now Fear This February 16, 2017 United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, left, and Delta Airlines CEO Edward Bastian, right, had a meeting at the White House last Thursday. (REUTERS) We’re hearing more and more stories about the major US airlines going Washington and insisting the administration do something about the Middle East airlines, Norwegian Air and other… Read More

Keep Out! February 8, 2017 Barbarians at the gate WOW Air   Apparently, being freed from consumer protection laws is not enough for the airlines. They also seek to stop foreign competition from airlines such as Norwegian Air, WOW Airlines and Emirates. Blocking foreign competition will result in higher prices and fewer choices for consumers.… Read More

Website     News      Legislation     Help! I’m Stranded      Media     Contact Hall of Blame February 2, 2017 Demonstrators crowd the international terminal as they protest against President Donald Trump’s travel ban on refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations, at San Francisco International Airport on Jan. 29, 2017. AP Photo The demonstrators blamed Trump, Trump blamed Delta,… Read More

Website     News      Legislation     Help! I’m Stranded      Media     Contact No Overhead January 25, 2017 “The idea is to give customers a choice in the kind of ticket they want to purchase.”                                              … Read More

Website    News     Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded     Media    Contact And Justice For None. Department of Justice Lets US Airlines Off the Hook January 18, 2017 Like flying in-formation. When airlines collude as part of a price-fixing conspiracy it leads to millions of passengers being overcharged for flights. For years the watchdogs at the US justice… Read More

Website    News    Legislation    Help! I’m Stranded    Media    Contact Improving Security At Airports January 11, 2017   In the aftermath of last week’s shooting at Police arrive at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale, FL on January 6, 2017.  The Palm Beach Pos Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL), where five people were killed, FlyersRights is renewing the call for improved security… Read More