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Coalition for Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights Encouraged by Department of Transportation’s Call for Investigation into Stranded Passengers Aboard jetBlue and American Airlines Flights

Transportation Secretary Peters’ Concerns are the Flying Public’s Concerns. We must Ensure that the U.S. Congress and the Federal Government Join Forces to Protect the Welfare and Well-being of Airline Passengers – Kate Hanni, Coalition for Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights

Napa Valley, CA. (February 28, 2007) – The Coalition for Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights issued the following statement from its spokesperson, Kate Hanni, on news that Transportation Secretary Mary Peters will launch an investigation into recent episodes of stranded passengers on jetBlue and American Airlines flights.

“We are pleased that the federal government is launching an investigation into stranded passengers aboard jetBlue and American Airlines flights. Transportation Secretary Peters’ Concerns are the flying public’s concerns and we fully support her efforts to get to the bottom of this horrific ordeal that kept passengers trapped inside jetBlue and American Airlines planes for more than eight hours.

We must ensure that the U.S. Congress and the federal government work together to protect the welfare and well-being of airline passengers. For the last eight years and longer, the airlines have had the opportunity to make good on their promises to improve customer service and ensure basic rights for passengers, and over and over again, they have failed. Enough is enough. It is clear that the only thing that will ensure change is government action.

We applaud Senator Boxer, Senator Snowe and Congressman Thompson’s efforts and look forward to working with them and Congressman Oberstar, chairman of the House Transportation Committee and other members of Congress to ensure the introduction and passage of a comprehensive, enforceable Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights that would modernize and improve airline industry standards for customer service.”

The coalition continues to gather momentum and support from members of Congress, national organizations and the flying public. Through several recent visits to Capitol Hill, members of the coalition have met with a number of Members of Congress and will continue to visit Washington, D.C. until an Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights is enacted.


3 comments on “Coalition for Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights Encouraged by Department of Transportation’s Call for Investigation into Stranded Passengers

  • My interest is based on worker productivity and the lack of focus on keeping the U.S. a leading global country. Typically our most productive and talented people are getting stuck in airports, due to poor systems for security and airlines that don’t really have an interest in keeping the U.S. number 1 producer of goods and services. Our producers need a “Bill of Rights” or something to keep the airlines in step with the real world.

  • This is an idea whose time has not only come but is long overdue. Over the years I have witnessed mistreatment of passengers (not only “able” passengers but disabled and primarily elderly passengers)at the boarding gate and on the airplane. I have not spoken up during these times only because I am simply confused and conflicted: some of the employees involved have been so hostile and intimidating I feared speaking up would result in a trip to jail or at the very least, being denied boarding access, and since I am either traveling with a disabled older brother or two or three kids my concern was primarally being separated from them or causing them extreme stress. This worry has mushroomed into the fear of becoming claustrophbic or irrational on an airplane, to the point where I didn’t visit my Mother (or my kids their Grandmother) the last two years of her life. My Mother hadn’t flown in almost seven years; she was afraid her age related issues would either not be accomadated or completely ignored. That situation still causes me and my family considerable pain.
    Air travel is not a “new wonder” nor do I take it for granted, but it is definately time travelers are no longer taken for granted and their pocketbooks taken for the ride.
    Sonia Harvey & Family

  • The Passengers Bill of Rights is an excellent idea & we should also not forget to include our other passengers the domestic pets that are flying especially those in the cargo area. It has long been known that transporting pets via the cargo area is close to a death wish for the animal even under “perfect flying conditions”, so imagine their distress when the plane sits on the tarmac for hours and the human passengers have no air. Animals have no voice to defend themselves so it is up to us humans to speak for them & to protect them as we fight to protect ourselves.

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