We really are doing GREAT! We still need more so keep this going, if we all use our contacts and family members wisely if we all pool together and get everyone we know to sign this, we will reach our goal. Pass it on again, ask your friends and family as so many of you have to support this effort we are working so hard for.


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  • Perhaps it would be helpful to include a link to the APBofR or at least a summary so that people know what they are supporting by signing the petition.

  • Tonight my friend is stuck on a plane for almost eight hours (so far) which is sitting at a gate at JFK waiting to be de-iced. She has called me several times and I feel badly that she has to endure this, especially since the flight itself is very long – New York to Beijing. There were only a few inches of snow in New York earlier and the accumulation ended in the morning (it is now 11:20 p.m.). I am certain that there is a better way to handle this situation than to have boarded the plane and then not allow anyone to leave with this kind of delay. Something needs to be done about this.

  • I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but…

    We already have a Bill of Rights and the government doesn’t heed that one.

    You need to understand that rights are unalienable–as such, they are not subject to being reduced to mere grants of privileges from political office holders–which can be modified or revoked. This whole concept trivializes what rights are.

    Now if you want to make this into a list of passenger demands–with an “or else” boycott, that’s something I could sign up for–but you and I both know you’d never get enough support from the marketplace to effect real change–people are just too apathetic and lazy to make real commitments–which is why legislating your demands when people really don’t want them bad enough to inconvenience themselves is a bad idea–unless you believe the problems in our society are caused by people taking too much responsibility for their own decisions and giving government too little power to regulate…

    Me, I don’t want some Congressman telling me what my rights are. As an American, it’s my job to tell him.

  • Concur with anonymous. When I click on the link for the BoR it takes me back to the petition. I’m not signing til I’ve read it. Just link it

  • Its amazing what a little exposure on the Drudgereport.com can do to someone’s website. This petition took 15 days to go from 2000 signatures to 2500 on its own power… now since the Drudgereport has linked to this petition… it has grown by 500 signatures overnight alone…

    Keep it up

  • Yes… a JetBlue flight was sitting on the tarmac at JFK for 10 hours. That is unacceptable.
    What is the rationale to not allow the passengers to disembark for a period of time?
    I have an upcoming JetBlue flight and I booked with them because of their sterling reputation. I truly hope that I do not experience anything like this on my trip.

  • We do not need a bill of rights! What we need is common sense and human dignity.

    This never happened before, what are we doing differently? Are pilots okay with sitting on the tarmac because they get their hours in anyway? They certainly don’t care. But that is the point, isn’t it. Nobody cares about anyone except themselves and this is the root of our problems.

  • Before we push for an Airline passenger Bill of Rights, maybe we should defend against the gov’t violating the Constitutional Bill of Rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging demonstrators and banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon. America Deceived (book)
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
    They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
    They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus.
    They violate the 8th Amendment by torturing.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting 2 illegal wars based on lies and on behalf of a foriegn gov’t.
    Fix up that then we’ll work on an airline bill of rights.

  • When are the lawyers going to get involved and form class action lawsuits against airlines. Holding people against their will in airplanes for hours on the tarmac is inhuman. Class action lawsuits are the only way this craziness will every change.

  • The petition frankly does not seem worded strongly enough. The phrase about “passenger safety” seems to leave a lot of leeway for interpretation.
    In other words, JetBlue in this instance could say “We kept the passengers on the plane for their own safety. It would be dangerous to let them off in such harsh conditions to walk to the terminal”.

  • Any second year literature student can see that most, if not all, of these “comments” are written by the same person.Same style of word use and view point makes me wonder if genetic cloning has been practiced for years

  • While all these issues must be addressed, let’s just tackle one problem at a time. The most terrifying problem is being held hostage in a metal container sitting on the ground at an airport. If they can’t get their act together in three hours, then the pilots, airport management, and the airline management should be arrested and tried for kidnapping. If stuck passengers called the local police and said, “there are a group of children being held hostage in a metal container at JFK”, I wonder what would happen.

  • I am shocked by the conduct executed by ignorant and stupid bimbos who call themselves airline managers, pilots or politicans to allow such lenghty delays without unloading passengers from planes.
    When these group of people say we are concerned about the flying public: they lie because there is no truth in them. Just look at the failure to do what is best for passengers!

  • If someone tried to keep ME on a plane for 11 hours, with no food or water, and overflowing toilets, this renegade would be out the exit door and sliding down the wing! Let the sky marshals arrest me! I doubt they’d find a judge who would be sympathetic to the airline on this one. I’d plead temporary insanity from claustrophobia or PMS or SOMETHING!
    Something’s gotta give with airlines, though.

  • http://www.airhealth.org/incidence.html

    I knew pulmonary embolus was possible after a long airline flight, “economy class syndrome” and all that, though I did not realize how frequent it was….if the source is accurate.

    In any event, the incidence is more than zero.

    I can’t think of a better way to cause a pulmonary embolus than to keep passengers trapped in their seats for eleven hours like these case reports.

    With so many cell phones on the aircraft, I wonder if someone’s called 911 to declare a medical emergency.

  • Please make it easier to find the actual petition. When you direct people straight to the signing page without a link to the actual petition it makes one feel that you are being purposefully misleading and have something to hide.

    My 2 cents.

  • I think people are being entirely too lenient on the airlines with this issue. Holding passengers against their will is kidnapping, pure & simple. As someone else posted, the pilot and flight attendants should be arrested and charged as kidnappers.

  • It would be nice to see this “Bill of rights” include provisions for missed connections due to delays and to dictate that airlines do more to help customers make tight connections.

  • I sat on an American Airlines flight for 8hrs., after two (2) aborted takeoffs, in front of a 9hr. flight from Maui to Dallas because a left engine warning light went off just before takeoff.
    The pilot finally let us off of the plane, but A.A continued to try and fix the problem for two more hrs. before they cancled the flight. I wonder why the incident never made the news.

  • That airlines would treat their customers in this way is beyond outrageous. And they can’t figure out why they’re all losing billions. They should be legally obligated to return immediately to gate and allow passengers to disembark within ‘X’ hours of the doors closing. Weather emergencies certainly play a role in the worst cases like this, but that’s no reason to keep paying customers locked up in a cattle car.

  • yeah, lets let john edwards and some bloodsucking lawyers at it, they can make $9 trillion in settlements and the rest of America gets fucking $1.50 off coupons

  • Airline lobbyists would tie this up forever. As much as I hate our sue-happy society, I think one big settlement would turn enough heads that the airlines would plan ahead. It would also set a nice precedent. Don’t know what the back of the ticket says, but at some point, common sense has to trump! SUE THEM.

    BTW this is not such a rare thing…I’ve heard other stories as bad or worse.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    CALL 9-1-1 when you are on one of these flights and tell them you have been kidnapped. The result will be a deluge of cop cars descending on the airport to deal with this. If airlines won’t pull planes up to the terminal to let people off because of stupid crew timing rules, then you are being held against your will and that is kidnapping. CALL 9-1-1 THE NEXT TIME! In this way, charges can be filed against the captain and flight attendants and at the very least, your plane will be pulled back into the terminal. As a followup, after you call 9-1-1, CALL THE LOCAL MEDIA. Television LOVES this kind of stuff and will send live trucks to cover the debacle and will put you on the air LIVE via phone.

  • I’d really like to submit this to boingboing and metafilter, but the actual APBoR is too hard to find (it took me a few minutes to find) and that’s the meat of your site. Can you create a post that outlines the APBoR or include it in your petition? I think this will get you much more attention.

  • I don’t fly any more. I would sign your petition, but it doesn’t address the reason I refuse to fly.

    Without a provision mandating more personal space for passengers, any so-called bill of rights is useless. I don’t think it’s humane to confine people to smaller and smaller spaces over any period of time.

  • Why do the managers allow this in the first place? What do they hope to accomplish, or what danger are they trying to avoid?

    What is wrong with moving the aircraft somewhere, anywhere. A maintenance area. Somewhere safe. Get one of those rolling stairways and get the passengers off to the tarmac. Guide them safely to a door.

    Maybe luggage will remain on the aircraft for a while. I think the passengers can forgive that. Being trapped on the plane for 11 hours they WON’T forgive.

    Is there some subtlety of airport operations that I don’t understand?

  • Once I took a flight from Seattle to Austin and according to all of the information I had there would be two layovers of one hour each. It turned out that that there were six layovers and none of us passengers were allowed to depart the aircraft for the entire 12 hours we were on the flights. There was no food provided – just pretzels. Finally in El Paso they let one passenger depart the plane and he bought a huge bag of Big Macs and when he got back on the plane everyone cheered. It was sick – and to think this was business as usual! I was truly horrified. Hope you can include situations like these in your cause. Go Kate Hanni!!

  • I’m not signing this petition as it allows for a tarmac delay of 3 hours, any airline should be able to get the plane off the ground or to a gate, reagrdless of conditions, in 90 minutes maximum…

  • what happens if I am flying with my two small children and this happens? I am clausterphobic, If I become hysterical from being in an enclosed place on a crowded plane after sitting on the tarmac for 3,6,10 hours are the stewardess’ going to call the police and have me put in jail? These are the questions that run through my mind now when I hear stories like this. I know that if this were to ever happen to me with my small children it could be potentially hell. Most Airlines since 9/11 have been heavily subsidized by the Federal Government, and yet the government has no say in such situations? Can you imagine if you stepped into a nyc cab and wanted to drive to White Plains and before you even left the block you are on the Cab driver told you it would take maybe five hours to get there and then refused to let you out.
    There is no reason these airlines should keep anyone sitting on a plane for such an ungodly amount of time. And the airlines want to know why they are losing money?

    Poor cust. service.
    poor preformance in punctuality.
    assuming they are immune from
    criticism and responsibility to customers bc flying now has a ‘security’ risk.

    I say Bs. I don’t want to fly accross the country and have a stewardess yell at my husband for standing in the back of the plane with my infant (because the kid is screaming and it is the only way to make him happy) and not because there is turbulance but bc of ‘the security threat.’
    I don’t want to feel the possibility looming over me that if I nurse my infant, or my infant freaks out (or my toddler) that they are going to kick me off the flight.
    And I don’t even want to think about going through what those poor people at JFK went through during this past storm!

  • You people don’t get the point of the root cause here — greed! An I don’t mean just airline executive greed. Passengers want one thing and only one thing when they fly — the cheapest seats! Do you ever check the safety record of the airline before you buy your tickets? Yeah, right. You click on “find cheapest fare” every time and look what it’s gotten you — Jet Blue. It costs less to fly now than it did 20 years ago and check out the people on the planes these days, airfares are cheaper than bus fares. Think for a minute about this scenario — the plane in on an icy ramp, snow is blowing, outside stairs are put up and passengers walk down the slippery, icy stairs CARRYING ALL OF THEIR CRAP of course!, slipping and falling all the way. What happens next is not rocket science. They call their stinking lawyers! Gotta sue someone because they slipped on the icy ramp that they should never have been on in the first place. The solution to the problem is to stop patronizing the low cost sleeze carriers which would reduce the overcapacity in the market which would reduce the overcrowding at the airports which would allow gates to remain open for planes to come back to. Think about it next time you buy a ticket with no thought other than the price. You get what you pay for. Sometimes you even get what you deserve.

  • There must be some way to evacuate passengers from a stranded plane. Every airport should have at least one, but preferably more, mobile, covered stair ramps and snow-capable buses. Even if you can only take off 50 people at a time, that’s better than nothing. Anything less is criminal negligence. For example, failure to prepare for an emergency medical evacuation is gross negligence.

  • this is a joke. more legislation is the last thing we need.

    to quote the movie Airplane!, “They bought the ticket, they knew what they were getting into.”

    i’ve never read all the fine print on my airline tickets but i’d be willing to bet there’s something on there about acts of god. they got on an airplane in horrible weather. what did they think was going to happen?

    granted, the situation certainly could have been handled better but do we really need our lawmakers debating this for the next six months?

    then again, if that will distract them from doing anything else for six motnhs maybe it’s a good idea. the less they do the better.

  • It would appear to me that once an airline is knowledgeable that they can’t perform their contratual duties and then restrain passengers in any way they then become subject to criminal false imprisonment statutes of the various states. Any comment?

  • Yes, waltz your frustration with the airlines to the only entity in the world demonstrably and historically guaranteed to take more of your money (involuntarily, unlike the airlines), be less responsive, add untold layers of power-grabbing, unaccountable bureaucracy, mangle the pooch up and down the pike, not care whether you’re happy with the outcome (because it’s a monopoly), cede more power to an out-of-control sickness, and accomplish the opposite of your and this abominable, proposed legislation’s stated goals — the US Government.

    As Steve Martin said to a room full of similar believers in the impossible, “Ahhh, good plan!”

    Or you could do what individually strong adults do: Stop giving money to businesses that fail you. Shocker. Try it sometime, babies. Oh, but you feel that excellent airline service is your birthright. Well it isn’t.

    Or if you refuse to try the adult method, and proceed with this nonsense, at least draft it as a Constitutional amendment, because the US federal government has no constitutional authority to do what you’re demanding. If you claim to value and honor law, there is no other correct option. See the ignored tenth amendment, part of the real “Bill of Rights”.

    And it won’t end there. Next will come the legislation to ensure wedding photographers take only “really good pictures”. And then some similar busybody will demand all photos come in a certain format, blah blah blah. This, of course, will require the Department of Quality Control for Industries Great and Small, staffed by more arrogant, uncaring, parasitic, unaccountable bloodsuckers eating tax revenue, and eventually you’re living in the reconstituted Soviet Union.

    You’re all insane or worse. Grow eyeballs and brains; that’s step one.

  • I sincerely wish you luck with the bill. A passenger bill of rights is sorely needed. However, I was in the travel agency business for several years and actually did some lobbying on behalf of the travel agency community. The ATA (Air Transport Association) is an incredibly powerful group and they were quite effective in squelching all of our efforts. The bottom line was that the airlines give a huge amount to money to both political parties and it buys the influence they need to keep bills like this from ever getting to or leaving committee. Also, the DOT’s ability to enforce any penalties is severely limited. Once again, I hope this bill happens but I am a bit skeptical about long-term success

  • Ms. Kate Hanni, thank you for your efforts. Please contact me via e-mail. I saw you on CNBC today and was inspired by your cause.

    This discussion seems to have been reduced into a silly debate about the proper role of government in protecting rights.

    The fact is we do need a Passenger Bill of Rights that protects rights. Before submitting the reasons why, I must first make some brief refutations of what has been said here.

    Mr. Codrea, you seem to be cynical. The Passenger Bill of Rights, if properly written, would not be declaring rights; it would be declaring that the indicated rights of passengers shall not be denied or abridged.

    If men were angels, no government would be necessary.

    As an educated individual you probably are familiar with the text from which that statement comes. That text explains the need for government involvement in the affairs of men; and Jefferson does a good job of explaining why the Bill of rights was necessary despite the fact that an enumeration of rights was left out of the original Constitution because of a belief similar to the one that you have entertained — namely, that any enumeration of rights would trivialize the concept of rights. Thankfully, we have a ninth amendment which states that an enumeration of rights does not mean other rights not enumerated do not exist.

    We need government to protect our rights; and when “common sense and human dignity” are insufficient or absent, we need government to “restrain men from injuring one another.”

    We ARE telling our Congressmen what our rights are by demanding better legal protection of them.

    The plain and simple fact is that, when you are on an airplane, you have no control over your own life — it’s as though you are in a jail. It is absolutely unacceptable in America.

    The Passenger Bill of Rights say, among other things, that after a certain period of time, passengers should no longer be forced to tolerate and endure offensive, deplorable, and despicable degradations of their dignity, comfort, and health; that after a certain period of time, they must be allowed to re-enter free society.

  • 3 hours is still a ridiculously long time to be trapped in a plane going nowhere. I can’t imagine a reason to sit in a plane on the ground for longer than 1 hour.

    I could get behind a Passenger Bill of Rights which limited time on the ground to no more than 1 hour. Make that change and I’ll gladly support in any way I can.

  • Even 3 hours is waaay too long. No humans should be held in such conditions agains their will. That is kidnapping an torture. Airports should have an area specially dedicated to unloading busses that picked up stranded passengers from the Tarmac (r)(In case all the other regular gates are already used up by other stranded airplanes)

    Where were the men in those tubullar jails. I would have certainly fought my way with the crew, and open the emergency or main door to jump out.

  • Just a thought but being held against your will in these situations, has anyone thought of trying to file criminal complaints against airline folks? I wonder if under certain state laws if such constitutes kidnaping or some other law.

    It would be interesting to know.

  • The situation with the JetBlue “hostages,” I think, is another perfect example of the apparent lack of COMMON SENSE that is plaguing the airline industry. It seems that employees in the airline industry are more concerned about getting fined for going against their airline policies or FAA restrictions. God forbid we bend the rules a little for the safety and comfort of the passengers!

  • I hardly ever travel by air so I don’t have a lot of experience with it but 8 to 11 hours on the ground is inexcusable and the work of absolute idiots. There is simply no other way to phrase it.
    It really boils my blood to read where the industry association says mandantory laws could make it harder on the customer. Obviously this particular person wasn’t stuck on any plane and most likely just an industry lackey anyway.
    I ask the same question as so many others: How could this happen? And we all know the answer is MONEY! The only answer corporate America understands. Time to lose a few airlines… starting with Jet Blue.

  • The petition is a great idea with one exception. In my opinion, all references to 3 hours should be changed to one hour. Anything over one hour is too long to be stranded in a plane.

  • DIDO……
    Anonymous said…
    I’m not signing this petition as it allows for a tarmac delay of 3 hours, any airline should be able to get the plane off the ground or to a gate, reagrdless of conditions, in 90 minutes maximum…

    February 16, 2007 3:59 AM

  • You people are preaching to the chior on these matters. I fly at least twice a year and thank God this hasn’t happend to me yet(knock on wood.)

    I did sign the petition and it won’t do much good. There is something called the CARMACK AMENDMENT that applies to all transportation companies Moving and Airlines and Railroads for example cannot be sued for punitive damages.

    Notice for reimbursement of lost luggage they give you very little, if at all and if you’re bumped off of an overbooked flight (aka SouthWest is Notorious for this) you if it’s the last flight out for the day you get just the value for your ticket and if you’re lucky you should get a hotel room but sometimes that doesn’t happen and you’re left stranded.

    I would love to see this law passed and better yet passed and strictly enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration.

    But I’m not holding my breath. Unfortunatley most congressmen sell out their voters to the highest bidding lobbyist and the airlines have billions the average consumer has very little compared to the airline corporate titan.

  • HI….I am responding to the post copied below. I am a flight attendant, and before you start accusing flight attendants of kidnapping, maybe you should try to remember where we are….WE ARE IN THE CABIN WITH YOU!!!!! Contary to what many passengers believe, we are not in control of the aircraft and in addition to that we have little say in what happens. Furthermore, your pilots can not just MOVE an aircraft, they must wait for permission from a little place called AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL AND GROUND MOVEMENT. You see if we had pilots just moving plans whenever and wherever they felt like it we would have accidents, and along with accidents usually come injuries and even worse fatalities. So aim your hate and anger somewhere other than the poor flight crew that along with you is stuck in a metal tube. And no it’s not for crew timing rules, as in these situations we will still time out whether we are sitting on the tarmac or in the terminal building. Happy travels and remember a flight attendant is not there to kiss your ass but rather to save it!

    Anonymous said…
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    CALL 9-1-1 when you are on one of these flights and tell them you have been kidnapped. The result will be a deluge of cop cars descending on the airport to deal with this. If airlines won’t pull planes up to the terminal to let people off because of stupid crew timing rules, then you are being held against your will and that is kidnapping. CALL 9-1-1 THE NEXT TIME! In this way, charges can be filed against the captain and flight attendants and at the very least, your plane will be pulled back into the terminal. As a followup, after you call 9-1-1, CALL THE LOCAL MEDIA. Television LOVES this kind of stuff and will send live trucks to cover the debacle and will put you on the air LIVE via phone.

    February 15, 2007 12:37 PM

  • I just wanted to say I was ready to sign the petition, but I didn’t like that they required my phone number but not my address. Why is that? I don’t hand out my phone number, and my address should be enough to verify me. You might get more names without a phone number requirement. It sounds like a marketing setup.

  • After being held against my will for only 3.5 hours in Chicago I was fully prepared to rent a car to get to New York. I was mad enough that if the pilot lied to us one more time I was afraid what I would do. If you hold people long enough against their will, especially Americans, there will be a fight. Knowing there is a limit to what you must endure will make all the difference. Knowing there is no limit makes any captivity unacceptable.
    Where are all the spineless masses of mush we call lawyers? Are they all waiting for that one among them that has budded a spine to stand upright and set a precedent? Could be a long wait, we better see if we can spook a politician. Don’t the lawyers smell the money here? Take this to class action and show the stupid airlines that it makes dollars and sense not to hold your customers against their will. UNBELIEVABLE that it even needs to be said.

  • What is really broken here is an industry that could care less about people. In exchange for a license to operate an airline, I think the government should require every airline executive be locked up on a plane with broken bathrooms for 8-10 hours per year. This would be a consistent reminder that would solve the problem real fast.

    Right now the airline take advantage of passengers using federal laws to prevent you for getting off a plane stuck on the runway. Adding some simple rules for airlines to follow will not hurt the industry. Since they will apply to all carries any costs will be built into the fare structure. The laws of supply and demand will keep it low. After 5 hours passengers should be given the option to get off the flight and either get a refund for the unused portion of the ticket or get re-booked on another flight.

  • Nonsense. What’s this 3 hour idiocy? If I buy a ticket, I’m stuck with their schedule – If they “choose” to delay/change it, it’s OK – If I choose to change it, it costs me $. Why? Let’s make this fair.
    If an airline fails to get me to my destination within (say) 45 minutes of my scheduled arrival time, they have NOT met the contract. I deserve compensation – and NOT mileage credit on the airline that just messed up my flights! Let’s have some REAL passenger rights!

  • to the ‘humble’, here-to-save-my-behind flight attendant,i just want to say that people with your attitude in the plane crew is what has made air travel a total nightmare.
    before, you were polite, smiling individual willing to make your travel a pleasant experience… but now, every single airplane is filled with fruit-cakes like you, believing they look oh-so-pretty in their uniforms and that should be worshiped by the passengers because you managed to pass a waitressing-in-the-air crash course. Let me remind you that yes, you, the pilot and everybody else is earning their over-the-top salaries because of passengers like the ones you greet with a fake smile while boarding the aircraft, or the ones that are sitting in the silly plane for 8-10 hours with no food while you munch on stuff you have in the kitchen -because you do!- and sip your Evian water, laughing with your fellow barbie-brained colleagues about the ‘suckers’ in economy eating the peanuts you just decided to hand out.

    And changing the subject, i agree with everybody who has said that a 3 hours waiting inside an airplane for a decision is WAYYYYYYY to long, especially if you are traveling with a little baby/child or have a health condition that can get aggravated without proper food/water/ventilation/mobility
    Like others have said, 1 -1.5 hours TOP.
    Hope this bill goes through!

  • Now, let’s get something done about screaming kids on airplanes! Airlines should know what passengers are under the age of 12 (or whatever) and be able to segregate these passengers and their fellow travelers to the back of the plane. There they could construct a temporary movable sound barrier to keep the screaming brats separate from full fare peace deserving adults.

  • I agree with anonymous re link to APBofR. I fly a lot and support the idea of minimum standards for the airlines but I couldn’t find the Passenger Bill of Rights or summation. So I can’t sign it.

  • This is the thing, why they are trapping yo on the planes. . .
    1. if they keep one trapped, then there’s a chance they can have their “on time takeoff” numbers on all the others. To bring it back in would cause multiple delays.
    2. if they get you on that plane, and strand you, you’re not stranded in the airport and they don’t have to feed you, get you a hotel room, or pay for you to fly with another carrier.
    These stranded passengers are new examples of big business run amuck.

  • Please re-read the proposed bill. It is badly worded. The three hour limit will only make that the norm, not prevent it from happening.
    Instead, I’d recommend a bill that makes it a criminal offense to knowingly dsipatch an airplane when full clearance for takeoff, transit and landing has not been obtained.

    Richard Reed
    Woodinville, WA

  • Here’s an idea- don’t fly. Drive from New York to Salt Lake in a snowstorm. Enjoy the country as you travel for over 40 hours. Take a train or a bus.

  • post the text of the petition. I (and many others) will not sign something I haven’t read. It’s OK to express binary anger states, but a more open process would be useful. How about a Wiki that everyone can comment on and edit?

  • I think it’s unconscionable, to not tell people what’s going on, keeping them waiting for HOURS, and why CAN’t they just Bus people back to the terminal? I know there must be many uncertainties, in the minds of the captains, and Management, but there must be some way to keep the passengers informed of what’s going on, perhaps take a VOTE on what to do, or SOMETHING!! I think Jet Blue is trying hard, to change all this, from what I hear the CEO say on TV. Let’s HOPE so!!

  • I don’t think it is the Pilot’s fault. Realize that pilots drive the bus but they do so by following certain guidelines published by the airline and approved by the Feds. In other words, if you find yourself in a Taxiway and the pilots are not telling you what’s going on, it may be one of 2 things, either Ops can’t free up a gate for the Jet to return to the terminal or ATC is telling him not to move. This issue is all related to Airfield Management and the Airline Operations Department. Regardless, I think 3 hours is too much time. Especially when you are pretty much restricted to your seat for being in the movement area (taxiway). I think the Bill of Rights may be a drastic measure, but it is definitely a good start for the airlines to start realizing that some things are just unacceptable and should be made part of emergency plans, including weather diverts. On that note, Customer Service should be evaluated very closely. Either learn how to provide service to the Customers or change the name to Self-Help!

  • A recent news article said that if planes don’t sit on the tarmac they lose their “place” in “line”. The idiotic root of this problem is that airports never learned what they do at the deli: let planes TAKE A NUMBER, for God’s sake!

    I feel like this is a psych experiment. If people will wait 3 hours, will they wait 11? Will they wait 18? 24? 36? How long before ordinary housewives get up and yell there’s a bomb on the plane or start yanking at the emergency exit? Of course they’d go to jail for the rest of their lives, so that would be irrational. Rational is that Americans understand everyone is best locked up in the end; someday there will be only prison and nothing outside.

  • I was in a similar situacion about 8 years ago. Stuck on a plane in New York, filled with spring breakers, for over 8 hours. They boarded us on the plane like cattle, and left us there for eternity , the airline knew a storm was approaching, but it was cheaper for them to hold us hostage, than to put us all in hotels for the night. After a few hours , I asked the attendant for food and she said if she gave us the meal, then we wouldn’t have any when we took off. Luckily we had candy , and that is what we ate. I was with my sister, and a girlfriend, we had spent some days shopping in New York, and we all had small kids at home waiting for us. Keep in mind this was before everyone had cellphones, we were really without communiation. I cannot describe the frustration. Typical airlines saw “a few hours” , just a they do when there are delays, this is to protect them from spending on food and hotel accomodations for all. This petition is way overdue.

  • A passengers bill of rights sounds great, but don’t you think there should be an accompanying passengers code of conduct? We can’t just demand what we want without recognizing that our own behaviors contribute to the problem. What about agreeing to eliminate antisocial behaviors like public drunkeness, lewd behavior, and foul language that contribute to the stress of air travel.

  • Hello,

    I appreciate what you are doing. But unfortunately the “passenger bill of rights” as written is over-reaching to such a large degree that I cannot in good conscience sign it.

    On the one hand, keeping passengers trapped on an airplane for 7 or 10 hours is unquestionably a violation of their right to freedom as stated in the Constitution and even the Declaration of Independence. I support any measure that prevents this from happening again.

    On the other hand, demanding, for instance, that airlines reimburse passengers 150% for canceled flights is absurd. If airlines where forced to do this, they would simply increase all ticket prices to make up the difference, and that would hurt everybody.

    Canceled flights happen. Delays happen. Weather happens. As long as passengers are warm and safe in the airport near a functioning bathroom, with the option of leaving any time they want, what’s the problem? The only time that our fundamental rights are being violated is when we are kept imprisoned in an aluminum tube against our will. If the “passenger bill of rights” was pared down to this simple concept, I would sign it, and I’m sure it would become law in short order.

  • I also think a link to the APBofR would be helpful. I was interested in signing, but am not willing to sign my name to anything that I have not yet read.

  • Sounds like something long overdue. However I have not been able to find the actual text of what I’m signing. I will need to read it before signing it.

  • Anonymous beat me to it – I’d love to support something that promoted airline passenger rights, but the petition only makes a vague reference to the APBoR. Also, if/when this petition makes it to a Member of Congress, it should have quite a bit more information than the current petition. I do applaud your efforts though, keep it up!

  • I fly frequently for my job and no longer enjoy commercial airline travel. Between delayed/cancelled flights, long security lines, rude gate attendants and rude flight attendants, I now drive whenever I can.

    I’ve only been trapped on an airplane for over an hour one time and was misserable. I sat on the jet sweating as we waited for gate release at the Miami airport.

    What is needed is more support and not just blogs on the internet. How about making t-shirts or sport shirts that banners an APBoR logo with a web address. We could wear these as we travel on the airlines. You can’t solicit at the airports, but you can wear clothing with things that aren’t derrogotive. Keep the momentum going!

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